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Glass tabletop cutting board - Emerald Coast of O'ahu

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Multi-purpose tempered glass tabletop boards infused with original photographic art designed to remind you of your trip to Hawaii!  We consider this art piece as therapy for your counter, dining room, coffee, or as a bar surface tops. Our vivid and unique imagery provides a pop of color to decors of all sorts whether in use or stationary.

Common Uses:
cutting board | charcuterie board | trivet | serving platter | compliment to back-splash

Glass board: 8.5 in. L X 12in. W X .20 in. D

Product Care:
dishwasher safe 

ハワイの海岸線をデザインしたカッティングボードです。カッティングボードとしてはもちろん、チーズやクラッカー、フルーツやデザートを乗せたり… パーティーシーンでも活躍しそうな華やかなボードです。
サイズ:縦 約21.6cm × 横 約30.5  厚さ0.5cm