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Wholesale Orchid Plants

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Pricing to the trade only. Orchid varieties vary with the season, please contact us directly for pricing and availability.

What is so special about orchids: most flowering plants offer nectar to attract pollinators and reward them for their visit. Orchids on the other hand usually trick their pollinators into pollinating them and stick the pollinarium onto the animal without rewarding it for the visit. Some orchids evolved to look very similar as other flowers nearby so the pollinators can’t tell the difference. Others even look like female insects and even smell like them to trick the male insects into copulation and sticking the pollinarium onto the insects before they even realize that they got tricked.

Orchids conquered every environment on earth with the exception of the dry desserts and Antarctica and can be found all over the world. Also in Austria there are many terrestrial orchid species you can find in flower from spring to autumn on special places.