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Honey with lilikoi-passion fruit, made in Hawaii - 3oz

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By infusing with lilikoi, also known as passion fruit, the quintessential flavor of the tropics. One taste from this jar and your palate will transport you to a wide sandy beach, turquoise water and the dappling shade of coconut palms. This honey is a unique combination of our rare, certified organic kiawe (white) honey and lilikoi puree. Enjoy this honey as an appetizer when spread on fine cheeses and cured meats.


リリコイ (パッションフルーツ)とキアヴェの白い蜂蜜の組み合わせは、リリコイの持つ南国らしいフルーティーな味わいがプラスされたデザートのような蜂蜜です。